My Goals for 2017

2017 is within reach for us and I’m already thinking about my goals for the new year. My goals and my resolutions are two different things, for me resolutions are things to adopt, change or let go of but my goals are points that I want to reach.

Keeping up? Good, let’s continue.

For 2017, I have just two pretty solid goals that I’ve been reminded of recently. To give you a bit of history on my ‘goal making’ for 2016 I wanted to move home, finish my novel and get a literary agency interested in my writing. Flash forward to the end of 2016, I finished my novel. I’m still living in the same place and I have a nice pile of agency rejection messages. So, this time around I definitely learned the lesson to make my goals small or if2016-cross I must go big, don’t put 3 together in the space of one year.

For 2017, my first goal is to adjust and enjoy being single. It’s been a month since the break up, I no longer sit bawling on my bathroom floor (true story) and it doesn’t hurt to think about what could have been. So, my hopelessly romantic brain has decided that the time has come for me to throw myself back into the dating scene.

Except. I disagree.2017-heart

I don’t want to start another relationship, OK, if a great human came along and really turned my head then I wouldn’t dismiss them. However, I think rushing into a new relationship is a good way of getting my heart broken again. So I want to adjust to single life, to enjoy this time while I have it before someone that could be my last every partner appears.

Before my last relationship, I was recovering from a long period of depression and self loathing and convinced that having a boyfriend would solve all my problems. It would piece me back together, my life would be complete and 6 years after that relationship began I’ve learned my lesson. This time around, I’m not hoping anyone will complete my life. Because I complete me.

My second goal is to learn to focus less on what I don’t have and be grateful for what I do. I’ve found myself looking at people on social media who seem to have what I want. Those signing publishing deals (congrats guys!), getting engaged, getting their first home away from parents, reaching their health and fitness goals etc. then I think of me. Who has achieved none of that. Then I start to wonder if I ever will, I start to doubt myself and this silly cycle continues.

I know I have made some major leaps and bounds this year, however I always seem to be looking at what I don’t have. 2017 is where I want to flip that mindset around, to be thankful for what I do have, because one day it could all be gone.

What are your goals for 2017?

Emma x


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