What Are You Waiting For?

A life lesson here folks, your dreams won’t wait for you or anyone. They won’t come looking for you to fulfil your fantasies and no matter how much you try to ‘manifest’ them into reality. It won’t happen unless you work for it.

You have to create something from nothing.

This is now the third (technically fourth) incarnation of my blog. I wanted to drop the name ‘The Moonpaws Blog’ because it’s a name I feel I’ve outgrown and something that reminds me of my ex and I’m actively trying to remove those reminders so I can move on.


At the time of writing this (New Year’s Eve) I had considered even decided to delete the blog and forget about being a blogger. Perhaps pick it up again in a year or not at all. What changed my mind was a diary entry I wrote a few hours ago. Every December on the eve of a new year I put aside a good portion of my diary to lay out future plans, goals, dreams, grievances and niggling issues that I just don’t want to take into a new year.

Think of it like wiping your feet before entering someone’s home.

In this specific entry, I reminded myself that my aspirations and dreams won’t wait for me. There’s no publisher just looking for my specific novel or a literary agent trawling places like WordPress on the off chance they find some amazing writing talent who happens to want to write a novel. No. In life there’s the dreamers and the doers.

The dreamers, sit around, talk about what they’d like to do and can write you volumes on how much it would mean for them to do that thing.

The doers, are out there doing it. They’re working the shitty jobs. Learning their craft, honing their skills and developing their talents into something people are one day going sit up and notice.

In the interests of being completely honest with myself, I’ve been a dreamer for far too long. A little bit of me got arrogant with the praise for my writing skills, so much so I got lazy. Instead of working night and day on my craft, I took for granted that I could spin words into worlds with relatively little effort or mental strain.

With this new year, I’m turning it around completely. I have plans to blog and to start a YouTube Channel (maybe?) to keep me moving forward. To not rest on my laurels when someone says my latest piece is ‘brilliant’ but try to top that with an ‘amazing’ and so forth.

My biggest competition is with myself and of late, I’ve been a sluggish, lazy fool who’s been pissing away an amazing gift because it seemed too easy. Tomorrow, I’m dusting off my manuscript and working on that until I’m breathing the scent of that world again.

I’ll keep blogging, because I’m tenacious (stubborn) and I know in a few months there will be more than just me reading these words. Maybe those people will switch from dreamers to doers, or maybe they’ll just stick around for something to read on the train to work.

I don’t know. I don’t mind either way because I’ll be writing.

Emma x


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