365 Photo Challenge

Something I wanted to teach myself this year is self discipline. I can’t count the times I’ve begun a project, said I’d do something or set a goal and then messed up, missed a deadline or simply forgotten about it and never returned to finish it.

While I could hide behind having depression as an excuse for this, it’s not acceptable. I’m using 2017 to learn more (Still Learning, get the name?). So over on my Instagram, I’ve begun a challenge for myself. Every single day (give or take a minute or 2 after midnight), I’ll post a picture from some point in my day. It could be of anything, of my dog, of me, an object, a place or a person etc. my goal is simple. To keep it up until December 31st, when it’s the eve of a new year and I’ve reached this goal and uploaded 365 pictures to Instagram. instagram-snap

It’s a small step in the right direction and that’s all that matters. A lot of the time we set ourselves these huge goals or a huge list of smaller goals, which only causes more problems than solutions. I’m going to really dig into my writing project, travel more and learn new skills over the year. All of which will be captured in the 365 Photo Challenge.

You can join me if you like, just follow me on instagram and tag me in it. There aren’t any rules, just that you post a picture every day.

See you over there,

Emma x


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