The Forgotten New Years Promise

A New Year promise that I overlooked while writing my previous post on the subject is one to slow down.

The reason I overlooked this is simply because I had always assumed I was working at a good pace towards my goals. However, after taking stock of 2016 as a whole and receiving my 4th rejection email for my novel that said relatively the same thing as the others. I realised it. I rushed into making many decisions that should have been handled with much more care than I allowed them.

In my not so professional opinion, I believe this impatience stems from one of two places. The first being that I’ve watched my mother run from one chore to the other without stopping no matter how much we insist, bug or even bully her (lightly) into sitting down and letting us take over the jobs for a while. quote-shape

The second place is where most of this habit comes from. I spent most of my youthful and important years completely still. Remaining in one place, not willing to allow change into my life or daring to venture out into the world to pursue any aspirations.

Now I’m older and mostly healed up, with this voice in my head saying “you’ve wasted enough time! Go get it! Quickly!” at everything I dream up and plan.

I rushed into approaching literary agencies with a novel still in its infancy. Needing a lot more growing, cleaning up, editing and perhaps revision as a whole. Because around me people younger than me are writing and publishing their novels. Because I hear stories of how this person was published by 30 or this person had hit the number one spot on some bestsellers list by this age.

I take all these things as a benchmark for myself which is incredibly unfair. Those people who I hold myself up against have led wholly different lives to me. Maybe they have experienced depression or some form of tragedy but they aren’t me. I’m taking 2017 as a year to learn to slow it down. Not be in such a rush to get it all done just because someone before me has done it sooner.

It has been done before. Nothing in this world is original anymore. However, it hasn’t been done by me. My novel is a work of fantasy, today’s readers are tired of young adult fantasy novels. They’ve been swamped with them for years and years. But they haven’t yet experienced mine, which is something that keeps me moving forward.

My novel is coming but it might take a bit longer than I anticipated.

Emma x



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