Mental Health

Where Have I Been?

I took a bit of an unexpected hiatus, you may have noticed, you may have not. Putting that aside, I’m back on the blogging thing and hopefully won’t disappear for a while. Or at least if I do, it’s planned and I have stuffed scheduled so it’ll be like I never left.

The reason why I ended up with nothing over the past week is because, depression. While I never like using that as an excuse for anything and people that say ‘I have depression’ with the hope that they’ll be treated differently infuriate me like you wouldn’t believe. The fact of the matter is, yes, sometimes my mental illness will create some problems in my life and sometimes they’re small –like forgetting to write a post or sometimes it’s bigger, like deliberately missing appointments.

Mental illness isn’t pretty. I like to be completely frank about it and this past week has been a bit grim, from forgetting to write to even forgetting the last time img_20170117_131326I showered only to realise, it’s been about a week and I smell like an athletes sock.

So, now I’m sitting here with dripping wet hair in a minion t-shirt and pyjama bottoms, getting back into things. I had another post planned in my head, one that I will write and will post (unless I forget, in that case remind me or accept this as my apology).

Depression is a bastard monster and no matter how vigilant I try to be about it, it always managed to sneak up on me and throw me adrift. I’ll keep getting up every time and learn something new and one day I will have a proper hold on things. Until then, if you suffer with depression (diagnosed or not, you know how you feel) or you know someone who does, don’t sweat it.

Try to put things in place to keep you steady, prioritise your mental health above all else and don’t let the bastard monster stop you.

Emma x


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