My Non-Update, Update.

Writer’s block is a tough boulder to shift. I’ve written and eventually deleted 2 complete posts for this blog, feeling that I was either rambling on about nothingness or harping on about the same topic over and over.

I’m struggling a little bit with writing something that I can look at and not become annoyed with myself for bothering to spill out.

This isn’t my first brush with writer’s block. It won’t be the last in my long future as a writer, because this is my life, I love writing. I love weaving words and creating things.

Unfortunately for me, rigimg_0504ht now my mental illness had a fairly strong grip of me. It always had that grip but I convinced myself I was the one in control. What this means, of course, is that in my eyes anything I write is either complete repetition, boring, pointless or a reason to question whether my future as a writer is real.

I’m telling you this now because all I can put into words is this. It’s the truth, I have a dozen ideas popping up in my mind but I can’t seem to get them out just yet. On Friday, after what promises to be a hectic and stressful week, I’m going to sit down and talk it out once more.

This blog is for me, a place I can (albeit publicly) get things off my chest. I’ve considered and toyed with the idea of making a YouTube Channel along similar lines, instead of typing I sit in front of a camera and talk. While that does appeal to me, I’m not in a secure enough place to sit and edit footage of myself talking without picking myself apart.

So, that’s it, my non-update about being stuck for words. I still managed to write 300 words, so I guess I’m not as stuck as I believe.

See you Friday,

Emma x


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